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Watles, a Hikers' Paradise

A Paradise for Hikers and Skiers

In summer, the Watles adventure mountain above Burgusio and Malles turns into an ideal starting point for hiking along well-signposted trails, with breathtaking views over the Upper Venosta Valley and of the surrounding mountain peaks. In winter, Watles is a particularly popular ski area in the border triangle of Northwest Italy, a mere stone's throw from Switzerland and Austria, and is well-known for its many hours of sunshine. more
Extensive ski slopes and a stunning mountain panorama make the Watles an ideal ski area for the entire family with over 18 km of ski slopes, suitable for beginners and families as well as experienced skiers. Watles is also a great place for lovers of Nordic skiing. The Nordic ski center of Slingia is a meeting point for national and international cross country ski athletes.

Next to the chairlift mountain station is a large playground for children, with the new Spielesee adventure lake awaiting them with countless other attractions, such as the 3D archery facility for bow and arrow enthusiasts. The shelters and huts in the true hikers' paradise of Watles are not only part of a dense network of paths, they also offer the opportunity to rest at one of many sunny terraces, ideal spots for tired hikers.
The watles offers a special route for sci alpinism away from the regular sci slopes.
NEW: open also on Sundays!
Watles, the Adventure Mountain
Relax your spirit and keep your body in shape – all this is on offer at the Watles Ski and Adventure Mountain. Near the Spielesee Gaming Lake, there’s a Diamond Cave, gold panning and an Alpine Kneipp Therapy facility. For those up for even more fun, they can play with the Funballz or race down the valley at full tilt on the new mountain carts. The 3D Archery Facility can be utilized both by beginners as well as professionals.