Watles Paragliding

On the right side of Watles mountain station at 2200 m near the little Pfaffensee Lake  you take off, fly and enjoy. 360° view over the Ortles Group, the Sesvenna Group, the Ötztaler Alps and the entire hollow of Upper Venosta Valley.
After 1150 meters of altitude the pilots land in the specially prepared landing field in the valley before the village Clusio directely on the road.

Also tandem flights can be booked under +39 348 5 10 49 27
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The best transition snowboarders and skiers in the world will have the opportunity to progress hip riding to a new level.
The watles offers a special route for sci alpinism away from the regular sci slopes.
Sport Mals
„Sport.Mals“ is the umbrella brand of Watles mountain fun, Sportwell Mals and cross country skiing Nordic Schlinig. Sporty variety and adventure- the whole year!
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