Hiking Tips
  • Lake "Pfaffensee"

    The path to the Pfaffensee Lake is an easy trail suitable for the entire family. The well-signposted hike is about half an hour in duration and leads from the mountain station of the chairlift in Prämajur to the lake, along a wide path suitable also for families with buggies. The trail continues along a path that goes around the idyllic Pfaffensee Lake. For those, who love fishing the lovely surrounding of this little lake is perfect to get some brook troats and arctic chars. A day ticket is available at the mountain station showing up the valid fishing licence.
    Startpoint: Mountain point Watles
    EndPoint: Mountain point Watles
    Length: 1 km
    Duration: 0 h 30 min
    Altitude uphill: 200 m
    Altitude downhill: 200 m
    Climb time: 0 h 30 min
    Descent time: 0 h 20 min
    very easy, also with baby buggy
    also with baby buggy, great for families, also with small children
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The inviting indoor pool has an amenable ambience and provides sanctuary, even during the cold months.
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