Mountain Huts and Pastures

Alpine Dairies and Shelter Huts on Watles

The recreational area of the Watles is home to a unique landscape, characterized by bright larch forests, broad mountain meadows and high Alpine pastures. With their wide pastures and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, the shelter huts and dairies of the Watles offer hikers a relaxing and romantic atmosphere surrounded by the peaceful mountain world in summer. On their sunny terraces, local specialties such as homemade delicacies and traditional dishes are served. The dairy farmers produce and offer their own cheeses, along with other specialties of the house.

Plantapatsch mountain hut
At the Plantapatsch mountain hut, visitors can sample excellent dishes of the traditional South Tyrolean cuisine, to be savored on the huge sun terrace. 
Open from 30.05. to 03.11.2019 every day from 9 am - 5 pm
Mobil +39 338 3971543

Höfer Alm alpine pasture
The Höfer Alm hut treats visitors to rustic specialties.
Open from 24.06. to 13.10.2019
Mobil +39 349 4040752

Sesvenna hut
Above the line of Alpine huts there are also high mountain refuges such as the Sesvenna hut. These shelter huts have always played a key role in the Alps: in former times, travellers avoided the swampy valleys and their bad air, and preferred the mountain paths, but needed shelter from darkness, cold, bad weather and thunderstorms. Even today, the shelter huts and dairies are farmed and are open to the public, offering hikers and mountain bikers traditional specialties of the house in a family atmosphere, and many also organize special events.
Open from 14.06. to 20.10.2019
Tel. +39 0473 830234 / +39 347 9541069

Alpine pasture Schliniger Alm
Also a very popular destination for excursionists, mountainbiker and passangers ist the Schliniger Alpine pasture or Alp Planbell at 1868 m. After a great tour in the surroundings of the Sesvenna Hut or a beautiful walk from the Slingia Valley the guests find selfmade specialities from Steffi and Roman!
Open from 17.05. to 03.11.2019
Mobil +39 338 5379733

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