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Ski Touring on Mount Watles

Outside the numerous ski slopes and well-signposted winter hiking trails, ski touring enthusiasts will also find endless opportunities to experience high Alpine nature in the Watles ski area. A special highlight is the route of the Höfer Alm Alpine hut, which is not far from the ski slopes of Watles, where skiers and ski tourers do not disturb each other. An alternative route for ski tours has also been created, running from Prämajur and passing next to a line of Alpine huts. The last stretch to the Watles peak follows the right edge of one of the ski slopes.

The creation of this ascent was the visionary and pioneering work of the chairlift company of Watles, and gave rise to an important training location for ski tourers. It is now the venue for the legendary ski touring race which takes place every year in Watles at the end of the winter season.

Every Friday evening, a night ski touring excursion (beginning at 7 pm) is organized at the Watles ski area. The Plantapatsch alpine hut is open on this occasion for guests until the late hours, offering regional South Tyrolean cuisine, hot drinks, delicious snacks and a unique atmosphere.

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