Benefits SportWell Card

The Sport Well Card

Enjoying the benefits of the Sport Well Card

Sport Well Card holders gain free entry to the indoor and outdoor pools, with a further 50% discount for access to the saunas. The same discount applies to the gym, bowling andtennis courts and there are also discounts on several Spa treatments.

Advantages of the Sport Well Card:
  • Free entry to the indoor and outdoor pools
  • Free use of all track and field facilities (for sports teams)
  • Use of the gym - at a 50 % discount
  • Tennis (all year round indoor courts and outdoor courts) – at a 50 % discount
  • Saunas (all year round) – at a 50 % discount
  • Use of the solarium (at a reduced price)
  • Use of the bowling rink – at a 50 % discount (only in winter time)
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The best transition snowboarders and skiers in the world will have the opportunity to progress hip riding to a new level.
Sport Mals
„Sport.Mals“ is the umbrella brand of Watles mountain fun, Sportwell Mals and cross country skiing Nordic Schlinig. Sporty variety and adventure- the whole year!
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