To the Piz Sesvenna

This ski tour is one of the most popular excursions in the Upper Venosta Valley and offers powdery firn snow until late spring

The tour starts at the end of the village Slingia/Schlinig (1,738 m) along the winter hiking trail on to the Schliniger Alm alpine pasture and further on to the refuge Sesvenna (2,256 m). From the refuge, the track continues to the Sesvenna notch. To get around the steep N-slope, descend to the right and on to the Furkelsee lake. From there, go about 80 meters downhill to the glacier and ascend in the middle to the foot of the eastern notch. Deposit the skis there and go on right over the block notch, good step security is necessary, and on to the peak. Only good experienced ski tourers should climb under perfect conditions with skis to the summit in order to go down directly.

Descent: On the same route as the ascent.
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