Day of Nostalgia at the ski centre Watles


The Watles ski area is once again taking a journey through time this year with a nostalgic atmosphere throughout the entire ski area.

Music with th Südtiroler Spitzbuabm!

In March, when every year in the traditional Alta Venosta the winter is driven out loudly and the whole region is already spoiled by the sun, the friends of the original ski sport meet at the adventure mountain Watles for a very special event. Telemarkers, racers, nostalgics, nature lovers and party-people from the entire region meet on the nostalgia day in the Watles ski area. On this day the fans of the real skiing pleasure in suits and ski suits from the time of Luis Trenker are on the slopes, for example in Norwegian dresses or with Sarner and hat, the women with skirt, in addition the classical wooden stick. Then they go down the slope on original wooden skis. And at the final exuberant celebration with regional specialities there will be a Walzer at the ski hut instead of après-ski.
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