To the refuge Sesvennahütte from Prämajur

General description

The refuge Sesvennahütte can be reached by the mountain station of the chairlift Watles.

Route description

From the valley station Watles above Burgeis/ Burgusio the chairlift runs up to the Plantapatsch hut (2,150 m). Past the hut on the left side and onto the sunny slope of the Schlinigtal valley high mountain trail, trail no. 8A and no. 8 to the refuge Sesvennahütte. The hike is accompanied by a beautiful view of the quaint Schlinigtal valley. The way back can be done along the same trail or it can be descended on the trail no. 1 to Schlinig/ Slingia.
Refreshments: refuge Sesvennahütte, Plantapatsch hut, Schlinigeralm alpine pasture, restaurants in Prämajur or Schlinig/ Slingia

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