Circular hike via Bergsee lake to Pfaffensee lake

General description

Circular hike past the romantic Bergsee lake onto the hiking paradise Watles and back via Prämajur.

Route description

Start is the trail no. 4 at the information office in Burgusio/Burgeis, which leads up to the Bergsee lake. Once there, keep right and walk past Platzeralm alpine pasture (not open to the public) to the Pfaffensee lake. Trail no. 4A and no. 3 lead down to the Plantapatschhütte hut at the mountain station of the chairlift Watles. Continue on the trail no. 2A to Prämajur, the descent is via the Röfenhöfe on trail no. 2 to the monastery Marienberg and to Burgeis/ Burgusio back to the starting point.
Refreshments: Plantapatschhütte hut, Höferalm alpine pasture, in the restaurants in Burgusio/Burgeis and Prämajur

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